Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How High Are Your Goals?

by Cecile Cinco

Goals can be just for the minute or for decades later, achievable or not depends on many aspects. Goals can be too low and too high or just right. Are your goals reachable?

The specimen below shows all the lowercase t encircled. Notice the t-bar which were all above the t-stem. This kind of barring shows a writer whose goals are too high that they are called pie-in-the-sky goals. There is not much enthusiasm and energy level is even low so these goals are really too high to reach.

Try to rethink your goals and make them more realistic like figuring out how you can reach them...and watch your t-bars come down to at least touch your t-stem.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Who Can You Trust Your Secrets To?

by Cecile Cinco

More often than not, what people project is not what he or she truly is.

There are people who are talkative yet can keep secrets and there are those who are quiet but cannot be trusted with secrets. How can you know?

The handwriting can tell you.

Look at the small o in curious, you, and about. If the closing loop traces back to to the left and under instead of the usual top loop only, you got someone who can keep secrets, close as a clam.

Again, the more frequent they are, the more it is strong than a mere tendency or mere capability.